Community Outreach

With WCPA's community outreach program, we have a wonderful opportunity to teach and show our children the joy of helping others! Each month, the WCPA partners with nonprofits and local organizations to provide enriching service and educational opportunities for our families and children. Events are open to all Wayland residents who are interested in contributing!

Email with any questions and hope to see you at a future event!


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Photos from recent outreach events

It has been a long winter, so this March we propose a kindness challenge to spread some joy and smiles to those around us! Let your kids choose one or more of the following ideas (or come up with their own!) to do something kind for others this month. We've included links to some simple crafts and projects for those interested. Please feel free to post photos or videos and tag the WCPA or send to so we can share and celebrate the kindness!

Kindness challenge ideas:

  • Give everyone in your family a big hug!
  • Mail a hug to grandparents or send a letter to a friend living in a different town or state
  • Make a kindness cloud or an 'I love you' questionnaire to let your parents or sibling(s) know why you love them
  • Create a love bugheart art or a card for a teacher or friend
  • Say 'have a nice day' the next time you see a neighbor when you're outside
  • Create a bird feeder to be kind to birds this winter
  • Help clean up your toys one afternoon

February Spotlight:

Birthday Wishes

Help deliver birthday joy to a child currently experiencing homelessness. Create a Birthday-in-a-Box, which provides cake supplies and party goods/decorations for a birthday party.
This is a fun, hands-on activity you can do with your child to share an example of how we can help others. Purchase supplies and assemble one box (or more!) to support the hundreds of celebrations that Birthday Wishes provides each month. See materials needed and instructions here (~$35 for one box), as well as videos explaining how to wrap and build a box

Please contact Community Outreach at to let us know you plan to participate or if you have questions. We are happy to drop off a banker's box to anyone who participates. 

Once you have completed assembly, please let us know so we can arrange pick-up so all boxes can be delivered together on behalf of the WCPA! 



February Birthday in a Box
Wrap Up